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I love Horrible Histories

A brand new pleasure to enjoy. I am well and truly hooked on Horrible Histories and no I am not a Mat fan - I like Jim I think his voice is amazing.
Oh wow, the Doctor is going to be in a two parter in The Sarah Jane Adventures. I've always wanted this to happen but never thought it would, Sarah Jane and the Doctor go so well together.

Apr. 18th, 2009

Good news for a change, Marcus has found a new job to go to when he's made redundant at the end of the month. Its nice that something is going our way for a change.
My daughter has just given our dog, Tetley a bath. What a mess although he does smell a lot better than he did.
Today my husband was told that he's being made redundant on 30th April. I'll be honest and say that I don't know what we're going to do as most of my wages go on the mortgage so we are going to be in deep shit if he can't find any work. The thought of losing my home terrifies me.
My husband came home from work today with a letter saying that his company are going to be making more people redundant, with the job situation in this town its very worrying as I have no idea where he would be able to find another job.
No work today as we're snowed in, my husband had to walk to work and I was going to do the same but it was blizzarding and as I work out in the middle of nowhere he refused to let me go. Good thing as I received a phone call about an hour later from my boss telling me that the place where we work was still locked up as the owner couldn't get through to unlock.

Also we have a new member of the family, a westie/jack russell cross puppy called Tetley.
Got up this morning to discover that Tamsin my seventeen and a half year old cat had died during the night. I'm sad she's dead but I'm glad she died in her sleep in her own home.
Pissed off to say the least, my daughter has lost her job due to the recession and she has a hope in hells chance for finding another one around here as anything going will have been snapped up by the people who lost their jobs when Woolies shut.
Went to the dentist this afternoon for a check-up, I knew I'd need something done as I had a filling come out on the day Mum died. I could have gone in and got it done earlier on but it didn't start hurting until last Saturday. Now I have to have it extracted plus two fillings done, but they are doing it on Christmas Eve as its the only day that they are open when I'm off for Christmas. They can't understand that I can't just come in at any old time as I work over a mile away from the dentist and I'd have to walk in which would take nearly an hour, I can't afford to lose two or three hours pay just to have my teeth sorted out.



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